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       abC Offline 2021

We are happy to announce that the 6th abC Art Book Fair 2021 Beijing will have 139 publishers and 70+ international publishers on consignment gather at Today Art Museum to share thousands of art publications with you.

This year’s abC Art Book Fair is curated under the theme of The Common Street, with distinct topics and abundant exhibition formats to convey the diversity of art and design publications. We focus on a series of creations related to the urban landscape, city life, street culture and aesthetics, allowing books to re-develop in a spatial dimension, presenting an unspecific, pan-Asian public street.

In the post-epidemic era, abC still actively maintains a close dialogue with its international counterparts. In this edition, abC will continue to bring in the latest and most cutting-edge creations and publications worldwide to share with local readers. This edition, abC welcomes 40 international exhibitors from 20 countries and regions, with over 360 art publications of different contents and formats.

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Founded in 2015, abC has dedicated to promote local artist’s books and independent publications in China as well as introduce excellent global publishers and institutions to establish a profound multilateral dialogue. As the most professional exhibition of artist’s book and expo of independent publications in China, abC Art Book Fair takes place in Beijing and Shanghai respectively for now. It has been developing distinct influence in fields of contemporary art, design, and publishing, welcoming over hundreds of publishers, media platforms and visitors around the world.





abC 2021 TEAM

Person in Charge: Yue Zhou / Sasha Zhao

Director of Content and Fairs: Yue Zhou

Media & Brand Director: Sasha Zhao

Fair Managers: Dan Yang / Yaya Liu

Project Executive: Jiaxin Chen

Publishing Director(DREAMER FTY): Qindi Hu

abC Art Book Awards Director: Xiaomeng Zhao

Specialist of Art Book in China Archive: Xinyue Wang

Exhibition Designer: A Day Studio

Intern Designer: CheapBall

Intern Editors: Hanjie Guo, Alison Liao, Samy

Visual Designers: ShumWW&yuchenghsiao

abC Online 2021 Website

Graphic Designer: Aidan Quinlan & Lihua Yu

Programming: Aidan Quinlan