Apply to abC Art Book Fair 2020

Apply to abC Art Book Fair 2020

Apply to abC Art Book Fair 2020

Apply to abC Art Book Fair 2020

Apply to abC Art Book Fair 2020

Apply to abC Art Book Fair 2020

Apply to abC Art Book Fair 2020

Apply to abC Art Book Fair 2020

Apply to abC Art Book Fair 2020

Dear friends,

Thank you for your constant attention and support for the abC Art Book Fair.

The year 2020 has been unexpected and painful for everyone, especially the Chinese people. We pray for the love we’ve lost and the survivors striving forward. Sincerely, we wish you and your family safe and sound.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, this worldwide public health emergency has also brought a crisis across the industry. We have been following the development of this epidemic closely, caring about every bookmaker, and actively adjusting our work plan to meet the challenges lie ahead.

Although the development of the epidemic remains uncertain, as one of the precious opportunities to communicate with peers every year, this edition will not be canceled, for we will keep the promise of creating a vibrant and thoughtful art event in China. At present, considering the safety and health of all exhibitors and the public, the 5th abC Art Book Fair 2020, originally scheduled to be held in Beijing from May 1st to 3rd, will be postponed. Thank you for understanding the inconvenience it may cause.

The fair team will keep all submitted applications for the entire 2020 abC Art Book Fair (Beijing / Shanghai / Chengdu). Additional submissions are not required for applying any one or more than one editions.

We will continue to keep in touch with you closely by email. The definitive information about the abC art book fair and art book award will be updated as soon as possible.


Sincerely and with love,

abC Team


Apply to abC Art Book Fair  2020

Please submit the official name for the use of publicity and printing. No modification after submission.
City / Country
① Books/Zines ② Newspapers/Magazines/Journals ③ Posters/Cards/Other Small Prints ④ Mounted Large Prints/Specially Exhibited Works ⑤ Apparel Accessory ⑥ Audio&Video Products ⑦ Toys & Decorations ⑧ Others
Less than 150 words
The website should contains images of exhibited publications, which are the important references for the selection.
A thematic exhibition plan, which requires a larger space or special installation, please briefly introduce its theme and content. The best candidate will be admitted.
Less than 100 words
Lecture / Talks / Book Launch / Workshop / Installation / Performance / Live Show

If the submission fails, please click here to download the PDF form and send an email to


Please read it carefully!



The abC (art book in China) Art Book Fair is a non-profit promotion platform for art publications, gathering outstanding original printed matters from individuals, groups, and organizations working on art creation. The original intention of the institution was to promote self-publishing creation in China and to create a virtuous art publishing ecology. We encourage the most innovative, exploratory, and outstanding works as well as motivate creators’ higher vitality through centralized display and promotion. To avoid the dispute of interest caused by the organizer and the exhibitor due to the unclear responsibility after registration, the abC Art Book Fair team hereby makes the following statement:


1. All applicants must guarantee the originality of the exhibited works and must not plagiarize or falsely use other’s information and works.

2. The organizer shall be entitled to refuse applicants and individuals who:

a. Cannot clearly provide the information of participating artists and the content of the final exhibited works;
b. Display materials that are not related to the submitted works and have the potential of propaganda and commercial advertising (such as oversea education agency, business training institutions);
c. Display works that are not related to the submitted information, plagiarize, or falsely use other’s information, etc. Once verified, the applicant’s participation qualification will be canceled. The organizer will not be responsible for the plagiarism;
d. Display works that are not meet the requirements of the art book fair, or whose   content is harmful to the interests of the organizer. The organizer has the right to cancel its qualification. In such event, the Exhibitor shall remain liable for the full amount of the Booth Fee and any additional charges incurred.
e. Without a prior written agreement with the organizer,  sublease the booth or part of the booth to others. Any party, who has not gone through the application and selection process, must not promote and sell inside the fair venue or online in the name of an exhibitor. This behavior will also affect the eligibility of the exhibitor to apply again.

3. Due to limited space, abC Art Book Fair will double-check the online application and on-site installation of all publications submitted to ensure that the book fair presents a vibrant, diverse, and healthy appearance. The organizer will provide suitable booths to every exhibitor according to the venue condition and the exhibitor’s amount. Please understand that the organizer may not meet requirements temporarily proposed by the exhibitor.



4. To ensure the admission order, all exhibitors must apply for extra exhibitor pass in advance. Lending and borrowing exhibitor passes to others are strictly prohibited during the fair.

5. During the opening of the fair, exhibitors should always attend their booth. The organizer will not be responsible for any item theft at the unattended booth.

6.  Once the exhibited works have passed the selection, abC Art Book Fair reserves the right to use the images of the submitted works for the promotion of the fair. Please understand the exhibitors will not be informed again for the use of images.



7. Applicants who have passed the selection need to pay the Booth Fee in time according to the follow-up official invoice sent by email. Booth Fee is accepted via Alipay and PayPal.  Exhibitors will receive electronic receipts. If there is a need for public-to-public payment, please contact the staff. Exhibitor doesn’t fulfill the payment before March 20th, 2020 will automatically forfeit the right to exhibit. Overdue payment without prior written instructions can also affect your eligibility to participate and reapply.

8. All applicants who receive the confirmation letter (March 13th) and reply with the Exhibitor Agreement must attend the fair. The applicant who can not participate due to unilateral reasons and has to withdraw or cancel the use of booth should inform the organizer within three days after receiving the confirmation letter. If the applicant withdraws or cancels after March 16th, 2020, the applicant shall remain liable for the full amount of the Booth Fee.

9. All applicants who can not participate due to temporary reasons after paying the Booth Fee,  please inform the organizer via email before March 20th, 2020. Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable unless abC otherwise agrees at its discretion.

10. Unless communicating in advance, the organizer may terminate the Exhibitor Agreement and the use of the booth by the Exhibitor if the Exhibitor fails to occupy the Space by 11 am on May 1st, 2020, and the organizer may then use the booth for any other purpose at its sole discretion. In such event the exhibitor shall remain liable for the full amount of the Booth Fee.


Thank you for understanding and cooperation!